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BUKH diesel engines
Spare parts catalog, Service (workshop) & Operation Manual in Pdf format

ID Model Description
147010 G105, 2G105, 3G105 BUKH Marine Lifeboat diesel engine G105, 2G105 and 3G105 – Spare parts catalogue.
147015 4K105, 6K105 BUKH Marine Lifeboat diesel engine 4K105 and 6K105 – Spare parts List.
147020   BUKH marine diesel engines DV24 ME, DV32 ME, DV36 ME, DV48 ME – Technical data, Installation drawings. Free download.
147025 DV8 and DV10 L BUKH diesel engine DV8 and DV10 L -Spare Parts List.
147030 DV10 BUKH diesel engine DV10 – Spare parts List. Operation Manual.
147035 DV20 BUKH diesel engine DV20 – Spare parts List
147040 DV24 ME, DV24 SME BUKH diesel engine DV24 ME, DV24 SME – Spare parts catalogue
147045 DV29 BUKH diesel engine DV29 -Spare Parts List
147050 DV32 ME, DV32 SME BUKH marine engine DV32 ME, DV32 SME – Spare parts List
147060 DV36 BUKH Marine diesel engine Type DV36. Operation, Maintenance.
147061 DV36 RME. BUKH Marine Lifeboat diesel engine Type DV36 RME. Operation, Maintenance.
147062 DV48 ME, D48 SME BUKH marine lifeboat diesel engine DV36 ME, DV36 SME, DV36 RME – Spare parts List, Owner’s Handbook (Operation and Maintenance)
147070 DV48 ME, D48 SME BUKH marine engine DV48 ME, D48 SME – Spare parts catalogue.

BUKH Marine engine DV36 Parts Catalogue
Bukh DV36 Spare Parts Catalog

Bukh DV36 Crankcase and cylinder head
Bukh DV36 crankcase and cylinder head